culturally explosive

Cultural icons in music, sport and film are just part of what inspired Nick to create. Nick illustrates the cultural eruption of the ‘90s and – not surprisingly – the influence on his work. “I grew up in an incredible era, wishing I were older to fully immerse myself in the experience of the times. I mean there were so many icons to draw inspiration from; Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls; Iron Mike Tyson; music legends like Tupac and NWA. I was too young to understand the significance and impact my muses had on the world. I just new that they were special. Their legacies live on and inspires me to be creative.”

About Nick

Brisbane’s Nick K has a culturally explosive flavour to his work. While many contemporary artists increasingly work in the digital realm, Nick K works exclusively with old-fashioned tools and creating by hand.

Today, Nick K is an exceptionally talented artist, self-taught and loves challenges, painting iconic portraits of celebrities, including custom commissions. As a creative, his passion for cultural icons is evident in his artwork, conveying raw emotion with powerful statements in contrast and colour. We look forward to his watching his promising future unfold, and the many more paintings he’s yet to create.